Restore Windows Default Settings

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If you are facing some slow random errors in your PC and you think that it needs to be checked or formatted than you do not need to format else you can refresh it or restore it to its default settings.
RefreshPC is a small utility that allows Free restore the default settings of Windows. This can fix many problems on your computer. RefreshPC is easy to use and secure. When you run it you can create a restore point system, which can be useful for undoing changes made ​​by RefreshPC later if necessary.
How to Restore Windows Default Settings
After you have installed this software on your machine all you need do is click Refresh My Windows Settings. He will restore the default settings for essential services and system specific keys from the Windows registry and ultimately will make the cleaning of temporary folders.
Now as soon as the cleaning and restoration process is completed, you will be promoted to restart Windows. Click OK to restart the system and you will see the change in your Windows Machine.



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