How to Read Deleted SMS

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Now this trick is valid on Nokia Mobiles and I Tested it and found this trick to be working successfully. Ok now what's the trick is that sometimes your SMS Messages are saved to memory card as they are received from your friends, sometimes this is the default function in Nokia Mobiles and sometimes you have the option to save them @ the place you want. So ok lets get started.
Things you will need .:

1. A Nokia Mobile supporting application download.

2. Second search for any File-Manager like ( FExplorer, Fileman or any other )

3. Install that application on your cellphone.

4. Now when everything is ready follow the below steps .:
Procedure to Read Deleted SMS in Mobile .:

1. Open your File-Manager i.e.. FExplorer or Fileman

2. Select the memory card drive that can be C: or D: just check it out.

3. Now after opening drive navigate to System > Mail

4. Now in Mail folder you will see different folders like ( 0010001_s )

5. Now the above folders are the actual messages which you are going to read, now there will be many folders which are actually all the messages now search for the one you are browsing and than do not open that directly as it will not be supported, choose the one you wanna open than choose open > file > hex/text viewer.

6. That’s it now you are reading the deleted SMS which you can copy or transfer into other phone by sending it through Bluetooth.


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